Report: Shortfall in special education funding costs schools

Report: Shortfall in special education funding costs schools <img src=”; height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=””/>


Education and Technology Tweet Compilation, w/e 11-25-17

Education and Technology Tweet Compilation, w/e 11-25-17 Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers. This week in the wrap … we’re a little light (I…

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Six Stories Your Alumni Newsletters Should Be Telling

Six Stories Your Alumni Newsletters Should Be Telling

Your alumni newsletters are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you. So make sure they say what they need to say to increase your open and click through rates.

Since the early days, American marketers have created and published newsletters as a means to cultivate their audience, raise brand awareness, and build customer loyalty. Publications like John Deere’s agricultural magazine, The Furrow, have proved for over a hundred years that consistently publishing great content was the best way to engage an audience.

[1895] The Furrow begins publication as “A Journal for the American Farmer.” The magazine’s distribution grows to 4 million readers by 1912. Today, it is published in 14 languages and read in 115 countries, making it the most widely circulated farm magazine in the world. — via

Alumni newsletters come from long-time marketing practices like The Furrow by John Deere.

Today, you want to use your e-newsletter to accomplish the same thing, even though you’re not printing it on paper and mailing it. (Of course, I’m a big fan of print marketing, so if you’ve got the budget and an understanding of what makes compelling print, then go for it!)

While there are differences between digital newsletters and printed newsletters, to be successful, you have to approach your alumni marketing e-newsletter with the same thoughtful commitment as you would a printed publication.

Alumni Newsletter Setup

Before you launch or relaunch your alumni marketing newsletter, make sure you take the time to…

  1. Craft your strategy for this content channel,
  2. Create a marketing budget for it,
  3. Identify your KPI’s, and
  4. Establish a workflow for your team so that someone is monitoring daily, weekly, and monthly metrics to show you if you’re reaching your goals or not.

Now that you’ve done your homework and set up everything for your alumni newsletters on the back end, it’s time to create engaging, consistent content for your alumni audience. Here are six things that all your alumni newsletters should say to increase open and click-through rates.

Outcomes and Successes

First of all, your alumni newsletters should focus on the outcomes and successes of your college or university. This is one of the first things on your alumni audience’s mind. They want to know, “How is my school doing?”

Now this can be tricky, because while you’re sharing about the success of your institute, you don’t want to write these stories in an organization-centric way.

Make your audience the hero of the story.

Fill your content with gratitude for your alumni audience and show them how it was alumni engagement and support that created the win, not your organization’s skill, prestige, or merit.

Alumni Successes

This might be obvious, but your alumni newsletter should feature alumni success stories. The reason I have to mention this is because the alumni success stories are not easy to capture.

Putting a web form on your website asking alumni to share their stories with you is just the beginning of finding the stories that your newsletter needs to feature. This is simply not enough. Your alumni are not coming to your website looking for a chance to share their story. Often alumni are humble and discreet folk, not wanting to show off their success.

You’ll have to dig deep into your alumni network to get to know your alumni and hear their stories. Then, you’ll have to ask them personally to share their story with you for the alumni newsletter.

This, coupled with the work necessary to schedule and perform interviews, can make the process long and drawn-out. But once you get your story workflow ironed out, you’ll begin to have a steady stream of stories for your newsletter.

Link to Your School’s Mission

Once you’ve conducted the interviews, highlight those making a difference in the world through the lens of the mission of your school. Your alumni newsletter stories need to create a connection between the success of the alumni and mission of your school.

Again, do not write an organization–centric way. Keep the alumnus as the hero of the story. But weave a thread in there that ties your college or university to the life of your alum.

Exciting Majors

As you craft in captured stories for your alumni newsletters, try to highlight various majors that your alumni might not be familiar with.

  1. Use alumni success stories to show your audience the experience that an alumnus had within the major.
  2. Share current student stories that showcase what it’s like to be in the major right now.
  3. Interview a current faculty member to tell your alumni where the major is going.

Sometimes it is easy to only highlight the successful business person, as it’s more challenging to find the golden nuggets in social realms. But do your best to look for stories highlighting your humanities and sciences as well as your business programs.

Get Personal

Your alumni newsletters should be speaking to your audience in a very personal way. Practically speaking, that means that you should organize your mailing list by affinity groups like business, sciences, arts, parents, etc.

If you have the bandwidth, craft several versions of your email newsletter for each audience segment. If you don’t have the bandwidth, continue writing one newsletter for all of your groups, but design one-off email marketing campaigns catering specifically to each affinity group that you have.

Variable Data Email

Yet another way you can get personal with your email is called “variable data email.” At first, the name might scare you—but don’t worry! If you’ve ever used merge tags to personalize emails with the recipient’s first name or last name, then you can do variable data email.

Basically, instead of merging information from your contact database like a person’s name or address, you are using merge tags to tell your email management system to insert text based on merge tags that you’ve specified earlier. Here’s how this marketer describes it:

The system works with dynamic tags, which are specially formatted place holders within the email.

When the message is sent, a script looks for the tags and follows a set of rules to decide which block of code should replace the tag. Usually there will be a default block of content which displays if the rule doesn’t apply, and then one or more alternatives which are triggered by the values in the contacts database.

So by using variable data email, you can personalize each email based on the affinity of the alumnus, even if they’re all on the same list.

Inspiring Faculty

Your alumni newsletters should also feature the voices and life stories of long-term professors. Never underestimate the bond that your alumni have with their former professors. By interviewing professors and sharing about their work and interest today, you’ll rekindle those old feelings of connection within your alumni audience.

The real power in featuring your inspiring faculty within your newsletter is that more than anyone else in your organization, your alumni have connected with your professors.

Think about that.

They don’t know you. They probably don’t know much about anybody in the administration. But they know that professor who took the time to talk with them outside of class, helped them understand the subject, or encouraged them in their hard times.

Leverage these important relationships by featuring inspiring faculty within your alumni newsletters.

Showcase Alumni Engagement

Your alumni newsletters should be showcasing alumni engagement. This is a bit different than featuring the alumni success stories because with these stories you are showing how alumni have reconnected to the mission of your school.

Now, I know that our development buddies are going to want every one of these stories to feature an alumnus who made a gift…

But it’s important to show other ways in which alumni have been involved with your college or university like volunteering, recommending the school to prospective students, talking to prospects and parents, or hosting gatherings.

As you know, there are many ways in which your alumni can get involved to help advance your school’s mission. So illustrate to your alumni audience how they can get involved by featuring stories of alumni engagement within your alumni newsletters.

The Baseline

There are a lot of things that your Alumni Newsletters can say, but these six things should be the baseline for the content that you feature within your newsletter.

If your alumni newsletter strategy has plateaued or is failing, and you’d like an expert hand to come alongside you to get it back up and running the way it should be, we’d be happy to help!

We’ve got years of experience revitalizing higher education marketing content so that open rates, click through rates, and audience engagement go up.

So, get ahold of us. It’s free and there’s no obligation.

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ESSA Pushes State Schools Chiefs to Scrap Business as Usual

ESSA Pushes State Schools Chiefs to Scrap Business as Usual Those overseeing state education departments cope with staff and budget pressures even as they welcome new flexibility under the Every Student Succeeds Act.<img src=”; height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=””/>

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The Chronicles of Life Coach

The Chronicles of Life Coach

Top Life Coach Connecticut Secrets

Therefore, coaching is an exceptional relationship reflecting a partnership that’s manifested through honesty, respect, and mutual objectives. Coaching is a collaborative process which demands specific abilities, including listening and questioning, to ease the approach. This form of life coaching is so straightforward and very powerful.

Coaching is all about empathy, asking the correct questions, listening. As soon as you get taking a look at life coaching you will discover there are life coaches in numerous niches. Life coaching is a quite an extensive term if you take a close look at it. Life coaching is about putting the of the particular person what is for him. It Is action-driven in that it helps you to look at where you are in the present moment, where you would like to be, and then helps you to bridge the gap.

A great coach has to possess the wisdom and experience required if he’s got to be credible for the others. An exceptional coach will work together with you in the identical fashion. Many coaches provide a no-charge, no-obligation exploratory coaching session, so make certain to use this to your best advantage. It takes a seasoned coach to be in a position to study clients and determine the driving force for every one of them, since no 2 clients are going to have the exact same driving force.

For this to be possible, he needs to have the ability to build and maintain a good rapport with the person. It is thought that becoming a life coach is fairly simple, and the pay is high too. For example, a life coach can’t prescribe medication or determine that you’ve a mental illness. It is possible to discover a life coach in any niche you require someone to aid you.

The Ultimate Life Coach Trick

Next, you’ll want to make certain that you exercise regularly. To begin with, you’ve got to work out what energizes you and makes you truly feel alive. 4 tips on why you’re the way you’re. Suddenly, the requirements of the kids return into focus and you realize you’ll need to co-parent with an ex who may be even more troublesome to address than ever.

You may be confused about what you wish to do in life which is perfectly fine. It’s so very simple to be swept along within this life. If it were it would signify that each and every Life Coach needed to be a specialist on his clients lives and that’s obviously not possible.

If you aren’t offered paid vacation time via your employer, you might want to think about saving up some money so you find it possible to afford to take some time off anyway. When it may seem that the more time spent in the office, the more work you’re going to be in a position to receive done, that isn’t true in the slightest. It is crucial to plan in such a manner you do not lose out on some excellent time in your life.

If you don’t have enormous amounts of counseling experience or a sociological background, I wouldn’t suggest this method. It’s what you opt to do with these experiences that will figure out if it’s a good or bad choice. It’s been a great experience and I’ve benefited much from my relationship with this fantastic platform.

The 3 methods by which you’ll be able to develop into a Life Coach. Without changing your whole life, quitting your work and ending your marriage, you can start to live life on purpose, one small step at one time. Once you think that you’re qualified to become a Life Coach then it’s time to do it. There are 3 principal methods by which you may develop into a skilled Life Coach.

You can pick your life. These tips change my life, and I am certain they will change your life and mine. You shouldn’t decide to be a professional Life Coach until you do the complicated work of researching and deciding on a school, or other system of acquiring the required education.

Contact a Life Coach Connecticut

5 Irreplaceable Pillars of Alumni Digital Marketing

5 Irreplaceable Pillars of Alumni Digital Marketing

Alumni marketing is presented with significant and unique challenges that digital marketing is well equipped to solve. But you must have these five pillars in place to make it work.

There are several big hurdles for the alumni marketing department to jump over that are unique to alumni marketing.

For one, alumni don’t always stay in the same region. In today’s global economy, alumni are traveling more and moving to farther-off  places in search of work.

Two, alumni don’t always self identify. Many times, alumni will go to different schools completing their degree, or they will go on to graduate studies in another college or university. And if the student services did not cultivate loyalty within the student during their studies, they may not put their school on their LinkedIn profiles.

Also, alumni are a very diverse group of people. The individuals in your alumni body have different experiences, backgrounds, and taste. It’s hard to serve all of them with the wide brush of being called or labeled “Alumni.“

That’s why having these five pillars of digital marketing in place is so important. They will keep you on track despite all of the distractions and possible pitfalls your marketing can experience.

Five pillars of digital marketing for Alumni
Pillar 1: Content

Digital marketing must begin with content. Great content attracts, converts, and cultivates your audience throughout the development cycle.

It’s also the building block of every digital marketing strategy or campaign you’ll launch. You can’t have a winning social media strategy without great content. Likewise, you can’t have a successful newsletterblog, or video blog without great content.

It’s been said before, and here it makes sense to repeat it again: Content is king.

So what kind of content do you need to be creating to cultivate and engage your alumni audience?

The answer is simple, yet hard to execute. You need to create content that answers their questions.

What are your alumni asking from you that other content sources cannot answer? Or, what questions would they rather you answer instead of other sources?

Here are a few common questions alumni look to their alma maters to answer:

  • Where can I find other alumni like me?
  • How can I get in touch with other alumni?
  • What is my school doing today that I can be proud of?
  • How is my alma mater making strides forward and getting better?
  • How can I help future and current students?
  • How can my alma mater help me now in my current career?

All of your content should be created with the goal to answer some kind of question that your alumni audience has and is seeking from you.

But you don’t want your content to come off as some kind of FAQ page. That’s why this next pillar that I’m going to show you is necessary to create the kind of content that will attract your alumni to you.

Pillar 2: Story

Great content is story-driven. By that, I mean every piece of content needs to be a story that fits into the metanarrative you’re telling alumni through your marketing.

What’s your metanarrative?

Your metanarrative is your brand. It’s the story you want your alumni and other audiences to be telling their friends about you.

So what story do you want others to tell about your school?

  • Texas Wesleyan University wants their alumni in general audience to tell others that they are the small school that knows your name.
  • Indiana Wesleyan University wants their alumni to tell their friends that they are the school that trains world changers.
  • Ohio Christian University wants their alumni to tell their friends that they are the school with a solid, biblical worldview in every subject.

When framed in these story-telling terms, every piece of content you create (like a blog post, infographics, or video) is to be written as a mini-story that supports and illustrates the larger story, the metanarrative, that you are trying to tell your alumni about your school.

So if your metanarrative is that you are a school that embraces innovation, then tell stories that illustrate the innovation that’s happening in your organization, or stories that inspire others to innovate.

Make sure every content piece drives your metanarrative forward with your alumni.

Another aspect of having story-driven content is that every story you tell (a.k.a. piece of content) should have an emotional driver behind it.

Stories are emotional. Stories stir our souls and our emotions. This is why they’re so effective at motivating responses and behaviors from the audience.

If you leave out emotion, you will suffer low engagement from your alumni audience.

Bland, dry facts, stats, and figures do not motivate us to do anything but sit and absorb the data.

Especially when you work in an academic institution, you must fight the temptation to default to an academic style of writing. Even if your alumni hold PhD’s, they don’t want to read a dissertation every time they open up your email newsletter.

Pillar 3: Goal-oriented

The best digital marketing for alumni has goals attached to it that clarify the objective of every content piece and identify the metrics that you will use to determine if the content was successful or not.

What are the larger organizational goals that you are trying to accomplish through your alumni marketing efforts? What are the key performance indicators that show you that you are hitting the mark?

These are key questions that can only be answered by having a pre-set goal for every content channel in your alumni digital marketing.

Pillar 4: Website-centered

All the various pieces of content you publish in your alumni digital marketing should drive traffic to your website. This could be your alumni microsite, or your college or university main website.

Digital marketing is like baseball. Your website is home plate, and your content should lead your audience (the players) there every time.

Your blog is not home plate. Your newsletter is not home plate. You don’t want your players to hang out at first base, or even third. You want to get them home.

And when your audience lands on your website, it should be written and designed to drive conversions.

In other words, when they land on the homepage, everything about that homepage should lead them to the behaviors that your school has decided are important for you to reach your ultimate goals as a school.

Pillar 5: Audience-centric

First and foremost, the alumni department is a service from the college or university to your alumni. This means that everything you do should be audience-centric.

This begins with identifying the questions that your audience has in mind, which we talked about earlier in the blog. It then goes to determining what channels are best suited for your marketing personas.

Different audiences prefer different channels of communication to get the answers that they’re looking for. Services like Instagram seem to do great with students, whereas social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest do much better if you’re trying to reach out to moms.

Keeping your digital marketing strategy audience-centric is all about serving them.

So even if you’re not familiar with Instagram, you need to get your toe in the water and learn how to leverage this social media platform to reach your student audience. The same could be said for video content.

Audiences today show high response rates and engagement rates with colleges and universities that use rich content like video in their digital marketing. But sadly, many colleges and universities feel that content creation with video is too costly or complicated – so they simply miss out on a great opportunity for alumni engagement.

Holding it all together

There are lots of moving parts to Alumni digital marketing. But if you have these five pillars in place, you should be able to hold it all together.

These are the core concepts that hold up the entire strategy. They should also be somewhat of a roadmap for you to determine what is right for you and your alumni as you’re making decisions for your marketing efforts.

If there’s a pillar that you can use some help with, we’d be happy to help. With over 50 years of combined experience in marketing and development in education, the Caylor Solutions team is ready to help execute your digital marketing strategy.

Get a hold of us here. The call is free and there’s no obligation.

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